BIMBOX and BIM Track® partnership

Because performance matters when performing BIM model coordination on large scale projects, BIM Track® addins will now be preloaded on every BIMBOX desktop and laptop. By partnering with BIMBOX, BIM Track’s team hopes to guide users in their hardware selection to get the best experience out of their coordination workflow for large projects.

The mission of BIMBOX is to create the best computers for the AEC industry: enhancing the ability to create and innovate while providing their clients with world class support and customer service.  BIMBOX was founded to solve many problems the AEC industry is facing today: computers that do not meet the hardware requirements for the new software applications the industry is using to streamline the processes of design and construction. BIMBOX knows saving time is saving money in the AEC industry.  Transform your computing capabilities by using the right hardware for the task at hand – from Revit modeling and real-time rendering to processing 3D point clouds of a major project – BIMBOX will crush through the data and get the job done fast.

Check out BIM Track recommended system requirements for use with Tekla Structures, Revit and Navisworks.