PDF markup with BIM Track + Navisworks

PDF markup has been used in the construction industry to review drawings and plans for decades with software such as Adobe PDF pro and many others. Maybe one day it will be possible to use only BIM review tools or BIM features such as “hypermodeling”combined with BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) to comment and communicate issues on construction projects. In the meantime, we are exploring how to review PDFs with BIM Track and Autodesk Navisworks.

Video 1 Hypermodeling by Bentley (An hypermodel infuses the project’s documentation into the 3D model, automatically)

Why reviewing PDFs and sharing it with BIM Track?

Well, the answer is pretty obvious, for the same reason why using BIM Track for reviewing Building Information Models : to centralize and share issues online which can then be shared with anyone instantly using an URL.

So in the video below we are opening a PDF in Autodesk Navisworks and adding markups in 5 easy steps with the BIM Track Navisworks addin. We could have also used Autodesk Navisworks review tools to markup the PDF before creating an issue with BIM Track.

Video 1 Reviewing PDF drawings from our friends at Populous with BIM Track addin in Autodesk Navisworks

Happy reviewing!