BIM World Paris 2016 event

Coming back from a quick trip to Paris last week for BIM World Paris 2016, one thing we noticed, apart that we were exhausted from traveling and sleep deprivation, is that France is really pulling up their sleeves for the BIM community to rise. It was obvious that the interest around BIM has gained in popularity because the exhibition was approximately twice larger than the 2015 event. Even colleagues from across the Manche showed up to get a glimpse of France BIM effervescence. The French Government initiative towards BIM, explained in the “Plan Transition Numérique dans le Bâtiment” has a certain influence on this evolution. This is a perfect example of how governments can play an active role in the development of new strategies for the AECOO community.

This event has a particular place BIM Track‘s heart because it’s for us the first event we were attending as exhibitors instead of only visitors or presenters. The launch of the version 1.0 two weeks ago was a major milestone for us and meeting with the users face-to-face, getting their feedback, was inspiring.  We also appreciated visitors coming to our booth and saying they were told they had to come see us because we had an awesome product. We do our job because we believe in it, because it serves a purpose. This kind of acknowledgment is our reward.

Carl Veillette BIM Track booth at BIM World 2016 Paris event
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At our booth, we displayed the many ways you can connect to the BIM Track web platform. Because of its responsive web design, we had no problem displaying issues on a Samsung tablet or on an iPhone. Demos were presented on a powerful Alienware machine but also on a Surface Pro 4.

BIM Track was developed by BIM experts to solve workload issues they were experiencing in their practice with model coordination and clash management. Our VP R&D, Carl Veillette, is one of them. He’s an important figure of the BIM Community in the province of Quebec in Canada, involved in BIM Quebec and buildingSMART Canada where he stands as vice-chair of the members program. In that regard, he was presenting the buildingSMART Canada’s roadmap to Lifecycle BIM during the BIM World event. As @BSuccar said on Twitter:

‟ One of the best BIM roadmaps to date is Made in Canada! ”


#BIM #buildingSMARTCanada
#BIM #buildingSMARTCanada

In the end, what sure is that BIM World 2016 Paris was a successful event and is shows that the BIM community is actively pursuing implementation of BIM practices in its AECOO industry.

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